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  1. Annoying chase scene
  2. Geological team skill points
  3. Adding Jump Points to a System?
  4. Having lots of problems with fuel harvest
  5. Missile design question
  6. LP what now?
  7. How do I build a PDC?
  8. Economy
  9. Help with designing a missile warship?
  10. Research
  11. Four months of one-day turns
  12. Getting back in the Saddle with questions
  13. More dumb questions
  14. Improving the civilian shipping lines
  15. Extra-Galatic Invaders messing with time increments
  16. I don't understand what Task Force Training does
  17. Would you like to buy a crappy PDC? (How do I junk a PDC?)
  18. Adding Leaders
  19. How do you load missiles into a ship?
  20. Ships and insufficient maint supplies.
  21. Help with fuel transfer
  22. getting fuel and maintenance supplies to a colony
  23. asteroid mining
  24. Weight of LTA & LTI
  25. New game, time increments immediately restricted to 60 seconds
  26. Drones?
  27. Civvies ignoring nebula
  28. Accidentally overwrote files during installation
  29. Projected Usage
  30. Mineral packet/mass driver bug
  31. Compacting the Database?
  32. Setting up a new campaign
  33. Fleet Refuses to fire.
  34. Starting RP Value...missing?
  35. Flying missile base.
  36. Need a bit more help after the Tutorials - Actually colonizing another planet?
  37. Unassign bulk
  38. Jump Module
  39. Civilians are idiots.
  40. mars unrest due to lack of protection
  41. Divisions are Divine and Task Forces are Funky
  42. Raise Shields, ye skurvy sea dogs!
  43. Costs to Overhaul
  44. Where thou art is steve wind the programmer
  45. Engineering Regiments and Leaders with Xeno skill
  46. Orbital bases?
  47. Using CIWS instead of designated point defense ships
  48. Scrapping PDC's
  49. Civilian Shipping and LP points
  50. What's going on with the time increments?