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  1. Mineral Production Overview?
  2. Population Detection
  3. Production time for shipyad extensions...
  4. Do I need to assign troops to the population of a conquered planet?
  5. NPR ship icon
  6. How will my ground combat fare...?
  7. PDC Hangar Issue?
  8. Best default & conditional orders for survey/scouts (and design strategy).
  9. Turret armor, and will shields protect turrets?
  10. Is it deliberate that Financial Centers cannot be transported?
  11. Deep Space Maintenance
  12. How to leave a terraforming platform on station, long term?
  13. how to automate a colony ship?
  14. It appears that it is possible to uncheckmark the generate only non-tn races
  15. How to increase Crew Grade?
  16. Setting up rank and class priorities - how and why
  17. Cancelling Overahaul
  18. How to delete TGs when you cant see the button?
  19. MOVED: Personal Avatar vs Forum generated?
  20. Sensor Buoys to Pre-Scout new System
  21. civilian mining colonies stopped being built
  22. how many terraformers would i need to terraform a planet in 5 days?
  23. So if I am terraforming alot should I start with infrastructure
  24. why the civilians not building?
  25. How to rename a task group on a laptop with reduced height enabled?
  26. what is Error 94?
  27. how much is the colony cost is it really 5 credits or something or bigger?
  28. what does orbital habitats do?
  29. What is a cadre and what does it do and what can I do with it?
  30. how do i create a measurement line when trying to measure distance ingame?
  31. should i use low tech division as imperial guardsman?
  32. if i have muitiple save games on a save file will it also save the entire files?
  33. Finacial centres v. expand civilian economy
  34. is there a way to attack ships from a planet? Like ground to space!
  35. How many PDCs should i protect Mars and the ring of iron?
  36. Can I make a Comms Relay?
  37. How do i SM mode a ground PDC?
  38. Can i make a boarding ship if so tell me how?
  39. how many troop transports do i need to carry a Division?
  40. How much can a replacement battalion replace in manpower?
  41. How can i activate a sensor on a ship of i cant see it off screen?
  42. Can i make suicide ships? that explode and damage nearby ships?
  43. Are there Supply ships in the game
  44. Has anyone made a wh40k save?
  45. Should i put replacement battalions on my Brigades?
  46. [solved]Nuking an enemy population?
  47. How do i train troops?
  48. How can i Spacemaster mode instant build buildings?
  49. can someone help me with a error pls!!!!!
  50. how do i implement a save game into the game?