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  1. Minerals Question
  2. Renaming Species?
  3. Deleting star systems
  4. Two questions, one request
  5. What I have learned in my first game
  6. "cannot pick up ground unit because of insufficient space" + military protection
  7. Use of AMMs?
  8. Ships' range too short
  9. Question about Fire Controls.
  10. Promotion Score Question(s)
  11. Estimated Combat Strength
  12. When do colonies start to produce trade goods?
  13. Additional Flags
  14. Managing deployment times
  15. PD UI Questions
  16. Why are my turns so short?
  17. Automating Fuel Harvesters.
  18. Problem with fighters
  19. Starting Questions
  20. Max number of jump points
  21. system map screen only half displays
  22. Wealth Questions
  23. Managing Survey Task Groups
  24. Missiles!
  25. First Guns
  26. Changing between races in System View
  27. Can't place waypoints
  28. Galactic Maps says shows blue, can't find worlds
  29. Keeping track of NPC colonies
  30. TIL that you should pre-build components
  31. PDC and Construction Brigade
  32. Accedentaly changed design to PDC
  33. ver 6.20 diplomacy
  34. Commercial mines and shipping.
  35. Create NPR
  36. Noob question...
  37. PDC Thermal Signature
  38. Question About SM Add
  39. Tips to get through the tedium of combat?
  40. Why can't I refit / build these two ships at the same yard?
  41. Screen Resolution
  42. Deleting NPRs
  43. What to do with wrecks/survivors?
  44. Political status won't change--help!
  45. Messing with Buoys etc.
  46. do I need active canner for CIWS?
  47. Pre-TN Question About Homeworld Minerals
  48. Pre-fab PDCs
  49. Pre-TN Start Question About RL
  50. 2 Stage Missile Won't Fly!