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  1. Missiles to hit chans
  2. Civilian Shipping Line behaviours... too many ships!
  3. Titans, Behemoths, Deathstars etc
  4. Yet another question! (about cargo this time)
  5. Armor
  6. Time increment troubles!
  7. New player saying hi... and help...?
  8. Maintenance facilities
  9. Creating Themes & Races (technical)
  10. Civilian freighter behavior
  11. Diplomacy?
  12. Earth's getting bombarded... but where's the aggressor?
  13. Troop transport
  14. Found Aliens... Please Help Me Interpret Sensor Readings
  15. uninvited guest?
  16. Tractor Beams
  17. Bug? Or am I just missing something
  18. More new player questions
  19. Hydrosphere
  20. New Player questions... Infrastructure exploit?
  21. Newbie questions...
  22. What's a 'good' failure rate for a ship? Also, how is my first design?
  23. When I open up the F9 menu my game crashes.
  24. Aurora's Program Speed
  25. How to take a picture of warp 2 ships....
  26. "Cannot obey orders: There is a shipyard task releated to this ship" ???
  27. How do I enable hotseat?
  28. Anti Missiles not firing
  29. Musings of an Aurora Noob
  30. Single crew Fighters
  31. Post Combat issues
  32. How to destroy civilian ship?
  33. The time for peace has ended..
  34. Argh! What's happening?
  35. Mothball, Diplomacy, Sensors
  36. Colonization cost?
  37. Xeno team on strike?
  38. Protecting Civilians for their own good?
  39. Question about Event Viewer size
  40. Intercepting Torpedos
  41. NPRs generated during game time
  42. Fleet initiative?
  43. Move to Earth Trade Location
  44. CIWS and fighters
  45. Ground units & Officers (mutiple questions on same topic)
  46. Realistic Promotions?
  47. Seeking missile
  48. Planets that have "water available" function?
  49. Terraforming
  50. Question on Troop Transports