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  1. Harvester problems and some more
  2. Maintenance facilities and research related to them.
  3. combining jump drives
  4. Peaceful Contact possible?
  5. Fire control in the tutorial
  6. Advice on Initial Research
  7. Galaxy Map Question
  8. proper fleet organization
  9. Weapons-Fire contol linkage
  10. Gravitational Survey equipment is Military class why?
  11. Civilian Mining?
  12. Saving a Database
  13. population surrendered
  14. So I vanquished my own population, oops?
  15. Deep Space Tracking Stations
  16. created npr's and tech lvl
  17. Some basic gameplay questions.
  18. Galactic Map Save?
  19. Mining automation query
  20. Docking ships on a Mothership: Heres how
  21. Most effective research method
  22. How is default required rank determined?
  23. Sensors
  24. Advanced start
  25. Captured ships
  26. Anti greenhouse gas
  27. component destroyed from zero damage?
  28. Carrier questions
  29. moving to waypoint
  30. Tech, Stealth Bombardment, and Bugs
  31. Unrest
  32. Automated turns not good enough
  33. Cosmetic bug in Officerscreen
  34. Need help for creating own race, empire, solar system etc
  35. Civilian Ships with infinite fuel?
  36. Error 3167
  37. Possible bug in match speed/copy
  38. Setting up NPRs Just How You Want Them
  39. How is it Possible to have More than One Faction on;
  40. Ship Components and what they do?
  41. Trouble fighting a 133 big fleet full of fighters
  42. Automating Harvesters
  43. missile questions + others
  44. Any way to see alien colonies?
  45. Some questions
  46. Questions about the Wealth System
  47. What does EW do?
  48. Loading Parasites and Missiles
  49. Help with civilians, corporations and their ships.
  50. Discussion of Saving Games FAQ thread