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  1. My trade partner suddenly "declared" war
  2. homeworld under attack
  3. Scrapping misiles?
  4. enemy fighters /fac problem
  5. Brand new and have some questions please
  6. Whats better for a noob the basic walkthru here or the tutorial on Wiki?
  7. TN or Conentional start for a complete noob?
  8. few more noob questions?
  9. Font size
  10. Attacking with Anti missile Missiles
  11. function of the differents ground units
  12. Galaxy sizes
  13. Wormholes
  14. Civillian harvesters
  15. New Peaceful Player. Possible?
  16. Several newbie questions...
  17. Galaxy Maps
  18. Help with a few things needed
  19. Fuel Efficiency and Engine Sizes
  20. Creating a New Campaign
  21. Tugging through a jump point
  22. Captured POW
  23. PDC Weaponary
  24. Problems with unrest
  25. Crew Quarters
  26. Unload from Combat Module back into Troop Transport Module?
  27. Communication Troubles
  28. Cargo Unloading
  29. [SOLVED] Purpose of Surplus Modules?
  30. Game pacing / milestones
  31. Banning jump points
  32. Reviewing Designs
  33. Civilians are committing suicide in a pirate-controlled system
  34. [temporarily unsolved] Missile Design
  35. Assigning TG to a new TF
  36. Registration Bug ?
  37. Three sorium / fuel (refining) related questions
  38. Did I order a planetary bombardment?
  39. Are Slaves and Weapons still used trade goods?
  40. Military help
  41. [SOLVED] Installation Weights?
  42. [SOLVED] Transport Question
  43. [SOLVED] Mine production problem
  44. How do I organize my ground units?
  45. [SOLVED] How to explore Ruins
  46. tug justification
  47. GM'ing a game?
  48. The (bigger and bigger) drop colonists bug
  49. Shipping lines not building the new engines
  50. space tractor trains.