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  1. Screens too big
  2. Troop transport??
  3. Find a theme for a name
  4. System ownership
  5. Getting Water to Planets with out Water
  6. Exploring all of it
  7. Shipyard TG 200m km from Earth
  8. PDC with deployment time 0
  9. Defender's Advantage (Jump point battles)
  10. Sector Command Radius
  11. Jump engine recharge speed
  12. Max Tracking Time Bonus vs Missiles
  13. Standard jumping of big TGs via low level Jump Tenders
  14. Recharging weapons too fast
  15. My ship broke ... what now?
  16. Second Earth
  17. Max Population on Planets[Or how I learned to stop worrying and never terraform]
  18. Do shields regenerate gradually or just once per recharge rate?
  19. Propagating of conditional TG orders
  20. Where could I find out what technologies / designs I have already researched?
  21. task force commander ability?
  22. Shooting at max range
  23. (Answered) Comet Mining
  24. 2 opponents on the same planet
  25. Towing shipyards
  26. Extreme slowdown?
  27. Star mass and system size
  28. [solved]change empire name
  29. Mines that go boom and missile buoys
  30. FAQ
  31. ( Answered ) Engines and Speed
  32. Populations and Worlds
  33. Probes, Drones, & Sensor Missiles
  34. Ground Combat value
  35. How to Fight With Fighters More Efficiently
  36. Fighters and pre built ship components
  37. Thoughts on specialized missile/beam ships vs hybrid ships?
  38. Changes to boarding and Alien Intel
  39. terraforming ship bug
  40. Can missile ECM by countered by ECCM
  41. Bug/Error 9
  42. System View - Out of Memory Error
  43. Custom Race problems
  44. How to balance minerals between colonies in different systems?
  45. Conquered populations and commanders
  46. missile fire control = active sensor?
  47. Spoiler races and NPRs
  48. Civilian Shipping questions
  49. view geology team survey status
  50. AI boarding actions?