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  1. Is there a way to upgrade low tech troops?
  2. Why to ever use big power plants
  3. Non Homeworld Task Groups??
  4. How to see enemy ground forces
  5. Delivering salvaged technology
  6. ? on Gravity
  7. Jumping in tech tree
  8. Different views of Event updates log
  9. Synchronous fire usable only during JP attacks?
  10. Missing energy impacts in event log
  11. Discovered minerals: no
  12. Turned off shields
  13. Escorting through jump point
  14. Tips for new players
  15. Available capacity
  16. Hull designs of NPRs at Galactic map
  17. Construction, question
  18. Missile Launchers Size and Missiles Size's
  19. Figuring out the class of unknown wrecks
  20. Trouble launching buoy
  21. Commanders of salvage ships
  22. Short range Beam Fire Control
  23. Transportation of Construction brigade
  24. Max PD range for Point Blank PD Mode
  25. Training escorts
  26. Locking of System map
  27. Screens too big
  28. Troop transport??
  29. Find a theme for a name
  30. System ownership
  31. Getting Water to Planets with out Water
  32. Exploring all of it
  33. Shipyard TG 200m km from Earth
  34. PDC with deployment time 0
  35. Defender's Advantage (Jump point battles)
  36. Sector Command Radius
  37. Jump engine recharge speed
  38. Max Tracking Time Bonus vs Missiles
  39. Standard jumping of big TGs via low level Jump Tenders
  40. Recharging weapons too fast
  41. My ship broke ... what now?
  42. Second Earth
  43. Max Population on Planets[Or how I learned to stop worrying and never terraform]
  44. Do shields regenerate gradually or just once per recharge rate?
  45. Propagating of conditional TG orders
  46. Where could I find out what technologies / designs I have already researched?
  47. task force commander ability?
  48. Shooting at max range
  49. (Answered) Comet Mining
  50. 2 opponents on the same planet