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  1. New Player
  2. How do I get my PDC Oribtal Weapon Platform in orbit?
  3. Delete a technology?
  4. Tour times?
  5. Beam vs missile combat shenangians
  6. Move PDC
  7. Tutorial, Part 4 - Ships, Commanders and Fleets! Oh My!
  8. Can't overhaul ships?
  9. Longer Maint Life
  10. Help with PDC hanger
  11. Missile design
  12. Help with turn speed
  13. Beam & warhead damage patterns?
  14. New game. Everybody dies from life support failure in every missile complex
  15. Radiation & warheads
  16. NPR starting size?
  17. Buying Minerals?
  18. Starting RP?
  19. Help with terraformer
  20. Combat tips (ship set-up)
  21. Closing off a system from automatic orders
  22. I need some help with Missile design/fire/controls
  23. Autoturn problem
  24. Enemy movement between starsystems
  25. Hydrospheres
  26. Task force training.
  27. Missiles flying AWAY from targets?
  28. PDC Terraforming?
  29. Speeding up the game and other questions
  30. Changing the Date
  31. NPR question
  32. Error 11 Problem
  33. Two-Stage Missile Confusion
  34. Moving systems in galaxy view
  35. Out of Fuel Shortens Intervals
  36. Does Shipyard Repair action use stockpiled components?
  37. Turn off error reporting?
  38. Ground Units
  39. Increment length adjusted as a ship is within firing range
  40. Free fighter/pdc/ship refits
  41. How do I use GeoSensor Missiles? ... and other odd questions
  42. How do I get companies?
  43. Civilian shipping Sorium Harvesters
  44. Is anyone else having game-killing problems with turn increment slowdown?
  45. Action Packed NPR Bonanza
  46. Transit Failure with Jump Ship
  47. Game Time Not Advancing
  48. Why can't I shoot
  49. I want to kill them all!
  50. Commercial Passive Sensors