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  1. How to establish full communications
  2. Do jumpgates require minerals to build?
  3. Need a full missile explination
  4. activate transponder
  5. Some questions on PDCs
  6. Why does an active scanner have a passive component?
  7. Survey vessels and passive sensors
  8. Problem building fighters
  9. Luxury liners don't need cargo handling?
  10. No Sorium in gas giants
  11. question about geosurvey team
  12. Fighter Crews...
  13. What do these things do?
  14. Racial Training Level
  15. Salvager?
  16. Loading ordnances
  17. New player with some questions
  18. Some questions
  19. A small but annoying problem
  20. NPR Opponents
  21. Jump Point Survey Locations
  22. Finding new Solar Systems
  23. A useful Cloak Cruiser
  24. Fighter cockpits
  25. Will my design work?
  26. Freighter problem
  27. New armor and shipyards
  28. Ship size vs building time
  29. Back Up Your Save File, People
  30. Missile design and research
  31. Task Forces, Task Groups, and uses for same
  32. Combat practice
  33. How do normal games go? and other questions1)
  34. Blind Newbie AAR
  35. NPR Generation
  36. Some testing
  37. "safe" comets
  38. Medals, Design and Use?
  39. Jump gates versus Jump ships.
  40. Tugs
  41. An idiot's guide to bringing Aurora up to date
  42. Absorption Shields
  43. Planetary numbers out of sequence?
  44. What the HECK is he doing?
  45. Assembling a PDC
  46. No more jump points!
  47. Trade Routes, how do you do it?
  48. greenhouse factor
  49. Trans-Newtonian Start Economy and senors
  50. Scrapping Fighters?