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  1. Guided Missile and Dumb Missile?
  2. A few questions
  3. Doing something wrong with the survey team?
  4. Presenting a Tactical Problem
  5. Shore leave PITA?
  6. Returning player - basic trouble!
  7. Deleting civilian ships
  8. What to do on Earth when you're not really there(help requested)
  9. Point Defence Woes
  10. Obsolete missile engines?
  11. Can't understand galactic map colonization icons (bug?)
  12. Too many civilian ships
  13. PDCs & fighter factories
  14. Multination same planet start?
  15. Retiring ship without deleting?
  16. Stopping civilian colony ships from going to a populated colony
  17. 4000 missiles?!
  18. Got my first Lt General (R4 ground)
  19. Renaming and claiming
  20. So... can you 'beat' this game?
  21. Can't build ship in shipyard!
  22. Couple of newby-ish questions
  23. Basic missile and missile system design in 6.21
  24. Conventional - Quick Tec Catch-up starts (how many research labs?)
  25. Do Sorium Harvesters work at Super Jovians?
  26. Xenology Team Working?
  27. tracking stations coverage
  28. Adding Wrecks from SM
  29. Questions on Ruins and their types
  30. Problems with missile fire control
  31. Can't find NPR
  32. AMM with Ion Drive
  33. any software to help draw the galaxy map?
  34. Task group listing question
  35. Loading woes
  36. Rescuing survivors
  37. My first Combat
  38. Automating resource transportation
  39. Naval Ship classes: their tonnage, and designations
  40. PDCs: Few and large, or small and many?
  41. Space Mastering
  42. Out of fuel
  43. Reading galactic map
  44. Skeleton Ship Designs/Dual Tooling
  45. Turrets and Barrels
  46. Add move button in fleet orders greyed out
  47. Shipping lines
  48. Ruins and NPRs
  49. Jump Mines for Dummies
  50. how do you gather intelligence?