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  1. Moving minerals
  2. CIWS on PDCs
  3. How Do I Make PDCs?
  4. large military shipyard retooling
  5. Planetary Bombardment
  6. Automating Sorium Harvesters?
  7. How Do I Get My Teams to WORK?
  8. Weapon Summaries?
  9. Officer bonus to speed up jump gate construction?
  10. How Do You Setup Missile Defences On A Planet?
  11. All my useless officers...
  12. How does I armor?
  13. Designing a ship that only uses a rank 1 / officer retention
  14. Spending starting RP
  15. Are sectors removable?
  16. Repulsion's Copious Pile of Questions
  17. Leader & Start up questions
  18. Quick Question
  19. Misc Noobs Questions
  20. Troop unit sizes
  21. Using Hyperdrive
  22. Energy weapons tracking speed while unturreted at 0k km/s?
  23. Promotion Value of Medals
  24. Scraping PDC
  25. General Pointers for Beam Turrets
  26. Making my game more challenging
  27. geology teams
  28. Keeping Distance?
  29. Magenta ring on a system with a full grav survey / no unexplored points
  30. Beam-Armed Mines
  31. 2 questions
  32. is it possible to increase precursor spawn?
  33. Tractor Beams and Ships out of fuel
  34. About Mineral Shortages and About Sorium Harvesters
  35. Confusion About Active Sensors
  36. Auto Fire
  37. Totally lost on colonization...
  38. Shields vs. Armor
  39. How long does it take for mining complexes to move?
  40. Use of Industry
  41. follow superior formations
  42. Forcing AI to play fair?
  43. Ghost Ground Unit
  44. Easiest way to transport minerals between systems?
  45. Galactic Map and some questions
  46. Fighters in combat.
  47. Deleting Commercial Ships
  48. supply ship eating supplies
  49. Encountering Alien species
  50. Stockpiled parts...