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  1. Civilian Transponder Bug?
  2. Enemy Mines not Firing
  3. Wreck on a comet
  4. Aliens...leave me alone!
  5. Active Sensors and Fire Controls
  6. Red square around jump gates
  7. how to start a multiple system game (each race with own homeworld)
  8. Box Launchers?
  9. Researches not researching properly!
  10. Combat
  11. Question About classes
  12. Confused
  13. Some questions about hangers and maintenance
  14. Gaseous Clouds and You. Craft in hanger affect nebula speed?
  15. Multiple Races
  16. Self-Guided Missiles?
  17. NPR specific technologies & SM starts
  18. Blank Troops in Limbo
  19. What does "Ban Body" in the system view do?
  20. Game is slowing down, and slowing, and s...
  21. "Friendly" fleet orbiting Earth? Disruptive!
  22. Kepp Your Distance...
  23. Let's Plays?
  24. MOVED: Completely broken game
  25. Super New/Super Sad
  26. Xenos discovered ruined city but summary still says ???? xeno required
  27. Incremental time problems
  28. Conquered populations and Alien installations
  29. SpaceMaster: New Species?
  30. Troops on ships
  31. My First PDC (ages 3 and up)
  32. fleet position
  33. How to tractor civilian line ships?
  34. TCS?
  35. Why guided missiles sef-destruct?
  36. OK, so school me on ruins
  37. Terraforming Mars
  38. Ship`s Captain: Production Bonus?
  39. Turning on Invaders after start
  40. Confused by aliens
  41. Prefab PDC Transportation
  42. Are Star Swarm and Precursors jump capable?
  43. Salvaging a neutral his ships
  44. Transferring Ship Designs Between Empires
  45. PDC casualties
  46. Utterly confused by ninja troop landing
  47. Galactic Map
  48. any delay reloading from planetry stockpiles?
  49. Fighter Repair???
  50. bug or feature: jump gate seems to allow to jump while in construction