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  1. task group and fleet organization
  2. Opinion needed on first colony location
  3. Geo team or Geo Teams ?
  4. Planetary Sensor Range?
  5. Impending Financial Apocalypse
  6. Worker Shortage
  7. question about mining and production
  8. Honorverse conversion
  9. Assembling PDC
  10. Ruins/Ancient Artifacts
  11. Removing Race Knowledge of star systems?
  12. Can't build 250t fighters
  13. Hint needed
  14. getting rid of troublesome ships
  15. Ship component: Maintenance Module
  16. Auto-fire, ships coming into range, and identical ships behaving differently
  17. Building captured ships
  18. How many missile launchers can a single FC manage?
  19. Fighter Roles
  20. Beginer questions
  21. partial lab problems
  22. Galaxy Creation
  23. Expansion vs turtling
  24. Shipyard Expansion ETA formula
  25. Conquered Populations
  26. Constant Low Fuel Warning on PDC
  27. Launching AMM
  28. one way jumpgates
  29. Civies trying squadron jump
  30. Missing Ship
  31. commercial CIWS and the AI
  32. Xenoarcheology teams
  33. How to launch a scout drone
  34. Shipyards: expand then add slipway, or add slipway then expand?
  35. Deck Crew Bonus?
  36. Size of ship to jump engine efficiency?
  37. espionage, espionage teams, spy points - and a possible bug?
  38. Upgrade Components?
  39. Useful Links
  40. Searching for a specific mineral?
  41. Fighter-Bombers?
  42. Standard Transit bindness duration
  43. How do you replace crew casualties?
  44. Missile Design
  45. Just found the game..a couple of questions (and praise!)
  46. "free" sensors?
  47. Beam Fire Control Range
  48. What is the Pre-req for Ion engines?
  49. Explaining Aurora
  50. Task Force Training