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  1. Dedicated Sensor Ships, and a question about the average size of enemy vessels.
  2. Genetic Modoification help
  3. Constant interruption for "ship is within firing range"
  4. Early game shipyards organization
  5. Various small questions
  6. They don't show on active sensor, please help!
  7. How do you use Orbital Habitats?
  8. What are some goals I should set, and deadlines to meet them by.
  9. Problem with Custom Empires
  10. Task Force Filtering
  11. Error 6 overflow possibly b/c body too far from main star
  12. Error 5 invalid procedure call for fuel dumping
  13. Mining and Mine Transportation
  14. Task group name display over homeworld
  15. Jump Engine & squadron restriction
  16. Couple of minor questions please (object size, terraforming, colonies)
  17. Can't use my drone!
  18. My productive little civilians!
  19. Is there a stockpile limit on the planets/asteroids/moons?
  20. Maintenance Supplies
  21. Communications bonus
  22. Incorrect notification of Failure to load / drop off
  23. Trespassing?
  24. Mining ships & others questions
  25. Increment Time problem
  26. Glossary of Abbreviations?
  27. My Questions of Perplexity
  28. lazy civs!
  29. Jump drive rating and squadron order
  30. Designing a good anti-ship missile ship. Also, effective beam point-defense?
  31. Wealth (Beginner question)
  32. Question about terraforming.
  33. Is there a way to view all completely surveyed systems?
  34. Installations and cargo space
  35. Do Xeno teams start work as soon as they touch down on the planet?
  36. Oops - self-made medals
  37. Repairing ships that are literally falling apart?
  38. Very slow battles
  39. Changing ordnance on ships
  40. Aliens Suck - In need of a better engine.
  41. Displaying sensor range
  42. Wrecks and Salvage and a Ruin question :D
  43. Do armed Orbital Habs require overhaul?
  44. task group and fleet organization
  45. Opinion needed on first colony location
  46. Geo team or Geo Teams ?
  47. Planetary Sensor Range?
  48. Impending Financial Apocalypse
  49. Worker Shortage
  50. question about mining and production