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  1. Changes to boarding and Alien Intel
  2. terraforming ship bug
  3. Can missile ECM by countered by ECCM
  4. Bug/Error 9
  5. System View - Out of Memory Error
  6. Custom Race problems
  7. How to balance minerals between colonies in different systems?
  8. Conquered populations and commanders
  9. missile fire control = active sensor?
  10. Spoiler races and NPRs
  11. Civilian Shipping questions
  12. view geology team survey status
  13. AI boarding actions?
  14. NPR jumping back and forth
  15. Merging colonies of same race on same body?
  16. Active Sensors Not Activating/Providing Targetable Contacts?
  17. How do I set up minefields?
  18. Overhauling motherships
  19. Moving orbital habitats out of system
  20. Officer skill for Sorium harvester?
  21. Transfer colony to aliens?
  22. Boarding ships inside a nebula
  23. Problems with targeting
  24. NPR Gate Spamming
  25. What's the ideal way to deisgn Fuel Tankers?
  26. Scrapping ships with damaged components?
  27. Remove Researches from Empire?
  28. A Noob's Jorney Of Trial And Error
  29. CMC Problem
  30. Question about the civilians
  31. Crew Grade Points
  32. Scenaries creating tools
  33. Screen too Small for Pages
  34. Assigning a leader to an Espionage Team?
  35. New generated NPR races
  36. Automated Automatic Mine Transport
  37. Problem with Aurora after newest Win10 Update
  38. Events on System Map
  39. Loading Problem
  40. Transfer between Nations?
  41. Mass Driver +/-
  42. Tips for new beginner?
  43. First fight - problem with targeting
  44. Wealth Cost of Research / GU Maintenance / etc.
  45. Colony question
  46. Standardize ship speed vs specialized ship speed
  47. Sensor Formula for size 6 Missiles off?
  48. What's the formula for repair speed of hangared ships?
  49. Repair Ships & Mobile SY's(Ships with Ship Yard in them)
  50. Is civilian mining colony creation chance affected by government modifiers?