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  1. Any way to reduce surface radiation (apart from time?)
  2. Renaming and deleting shipping lines?
  3. Retooling Shipyards
  4. Black Holes and Commerce?
  5. 10 JP's!?
  6. Energy weapons and capacitors?
  7. Maintenance clock check
  8. Territorial Dispute? How does this starmap work?
  9. Diplomacy question
  10. Environmental tolerances info
  11. Question relating to bug
  12. Hopelessly outclassed?
  13. Missile active/passive sensor
  14. Formation tactical question?
  15. PDC cannot target shipyards?
  16. Ship Component Stockpile
  17. racial wealth
  18. FAC and bases
  19. updating has caused.screen resolution error.
  20. "NPR Class"
  21. Error 3197 in Updateshipdetails"
  22. Do NPRs get upset if you salvage their wrecks?
  23. Planetary scanners and fire controls?
  24. Forum Search Tip
  25. fleet refit & redesign
  26. IRC Channel for Aurora
  27. When does a new version of Aurora 4X come out?
  28. Fuel consumption of tugs
  29. Initial Combat Designs
  30. It takes... how much room to transport an engineering brigade?
  31. Vanishing ships
  32. Planet Bombardment from.. nowhere?
  33. Individual Unit Details
  34. Tectonics?
  35. Fighter Maintenance
  36. Geo-survey teams refusing to geo-survey?
  37. Survey "swarm" and fleet orders
  38. Restricted Systems?
  39. Maximum speed and risk of engine failure in military ships
  40. Jump Gates on all Jump Points
  41. Nebula + Planetary atmosphere, which weapons will work?
  42. Newbie question.... *sigh* again....
  43. Quick question on tug size and jump drives.
  44. Creating populations of a designed species
  45. Stay until full
  46. new tech manual??
  47. Auto-assigning weapons to fire controls
  48. Aliens and their territory
  49. Prefabbed PDC Problem
  50. Same game on multiple machines