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  1. Russian names in game, can I change them?
  2. Why don't these transport orders work?
  3. Galactic map center position?
  4. Game seems to spawn alien units randomly
  5. Sharing of Geodata
  6. Capital change?
  7. Extremely slow xenology team
  8. Forced Low Tech Races
  9. Per Capita Income
  10. Suddenly, there is a jump point
  11. Using one Shipyard for Multiple Designs
  12. Confusion on Missile Fire Control
  13. Unrest despite enough planetary defense
  14. Point Defence Not Working :O
  15. Wheight & Size?
  16. Laser recharge problem
  17. Ships Sizes and there Names
  18. Pre Trans Newtonian NPR
  19. Killed by the turn interval
  20. Conquered populations
  21. Particle Beam damage
  22. Trouble with jump drive
  23. New Races and how to use them
  24. General questions on the Conventional Start
  25. Setting Up Kind of "Alliance Player"
  26. Can military ships use civilian jump engine?
  27. Ground combat
  28. Help with jump drives
  29. Sensor Buoy Laying Woes
  30. The game spawned 2 NPRs in the same system
  31. Reloading PDCs?
  32. Range finding Question (Or how do i increase the range on my Beam firing control
  33. Hiding a System from a player
  34. Cloaks?
  35. What is the point of plasma carronades?
  36. Civilian Industry overcrowding colonies...
  37. Two questions
  38. NPR ships vanishing?
  39. Ships of 500 to 1K
  40. Maintenance failure on a civilian ship???
  41. Asteroid & Comet Mining
  42. Some details regarding final defensive fire
  43. Technology Sharing?
  44. Intelligence Update?
  45. Do Inactive PR ever behave like NPRs?
  46. fleet doctrine for a new guy
  47. Calculations for Class Designs?
  48. Civilians still using player Designs?
  49. Learning How to Fly
  50. Old Player Asking about Kinetic Weapons and Engines, Defences