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  1. Ship slowed due to damage but does not appear in repair list
  2. Commander traits
  3. Beams and Power Plants
  4. Obsolete Components
  5. Civilian ship purchasing criteria
  6. How do i make missiles?
  7. Forgot an active sensor, picked a fight, what are my options.
  8. Box Launchers and Ammo?
  9. Someone teach me how to fight PLEASE!
  10. Research leaps
  11. Automatic Fire?
  12. Slightly overwhelmed
  13. Refueling question
  14. How Do You Setup A Trans-Newtonian Start In A Non Sol System?
  15. Civilians Trigger War With Friendly Aliens Due To Espionage? Whoops?
  16. Terraformers not working..
  17. How The heck do i sorium harvest?
  18. Asteroid Mining?
  19. The Windows dont fit
  20. Radiation and Dust levels
  21. Weapons: decisions and usefulness
  22. Researched orbital habitat? but cant build it?
  23. Moving engineers
  24. How does Area Point Defense mode work?
  25. Gunboat not firing : beginner need help
  26. cant choose class of ship in shipyard complex
  27. Core dump by new player (very long)
  28. unused ships and fuel
  29. Moving minerals
  30. CIWS on PDCs
  31. How Do I Make PDCs?
  32. large military shipyard retooling
  33. Planetary Bombardment
  34. Automating Sorium Harvesters?
  35. How Do I Get My Teams to WORK?
  36. Weapon Summaries?
  37. Officer bonus to speed up jump gate construction?
  38. How Do You Setup Missile Defences On A Planet?
  39. All my useless officers...
  40. How does I armor?
  41. Designing a ship that only uses a rank 1 / officer retention
  42. Spending starting RP
  43. Are sectors removable?
  44. Repulsion's Copious Pile of Questions
  45. Leader & Start up questions
  46. Quick Question
  47. Misc Noobs Questions
  48. Troop unit sizes
  49. Using Hyperdrive
  50. Energy weapons tracking speed while unturreted at 0k km/s?