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  1. fleet doesn't refuel with own tankers
  2. Civilian Fuel Harvesters
  3. Wich Tutorial?
  4. Jump Tenders
  5. Issues with auto assignments
  6. Unassigning a commander
  7. Help with NPR themes
  8. Influencing or setting inter-NPR relationships
  9. Does ship ECM reduce range of passive/active sensors on missiles?
  10. Commanders
  11. (NEWBIE PLAYER) Error Message
  12. Newbie question
  13. Conditional orders, non-parasites and parent fleets, what went wrong?
  14. Running them down...How?
  15. Shipping Lines
  16. Missile target hidding in hangar
  17. NPR visits
  18. Spacetime bubble: wiki says it's there, but I don't see it.
  19. Gauss turrets that won't fire (since I doubt it's a bug, I'll ask here first)
  20. Invading moon held by spoilers
  21. Missile initiative
  22. Interstellar Civilian Contracts?
  23. Damage of laser according to its callibre
  24. Scrapping in empty but retooling shipyard
  25. Load scientist into ship
  26. What are luxury liners good for?
  27. Twice about missile design screen
  28. Crew grade of commercial ships
  29. Geosurvey from unknown systems
  30. Using friendly jump tenders
  31. Max Tracking Time Bonus vs Missiles
  32. Jump drives on large carriers
  33. SMing of shipyard retooling
  34. Slow crew training
  35. POW's
  36. How do I create an alien start?
  37. Civilian Mining Complex and body types
  38. HELP (Or should I say Ndihmë)
  39. Survey location point cost
  40. Question regarding Missile Fire Controls.
  41. Maintenance Clock going up during overhaul
  42. Task Force Staff and Table of Organization + Doctrine Tips Tutorial
  43. Irrelevant research
  44. How to load missiles in conventional start PDCs?
  45. Is there a way to SM Jump Gates?
  46. Question about Alien installations
  47. Question: Automated Mine Delivery (Default Orders)
  48. Secondary star start
  49. What exactly do officers do?
  50. Population vs Wealth