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  1. Setting system empire control
  2. Medals
  3. Staff officers and TF
  4. how to add new commander names theme?
  5. Too many civilian ships (again)
  6. Obsolete Prefabricated PDCs
  7. How to stop Alien Geo Survey Data Interrupts
  8. New taskgroup locations
  9. Civilian fuel harvester?
  10. Adding CMC
  11. cheap training for FACs?
  12. Fighter Salvos
  13. Crew Shore Leave Question
  14. Boarding mechanics and missiles in nebulae
  15. Help with ruins
  16. Cloak max size
  17. Officers
  18. Starting the game in a random system.
  19. Design-Only Tech Systems?
  20. How old is too old?
  21. what's ground combat like now?
  22. How to load FACs?
  23. PDC missile launch at JP/planets
  24. Missile design question/discussion
  25. Endless NPC space battle
  26. Sorium shortages - Geo Survey Ended, now what?
  27. How to reach distant planets?
  28. Civilian fuel harvesters
  29. planetary resources, multi-faction starts.
  30. Question on shield EM signature
  31. Starting with multiple players or NPR in the same system?
  32. Colony worth it?
  33. What is the size limitation for small craft ECM?
  34. Does the AI needs active lock to fire?
  35. Fighter Squadrons
  36. half speed for carriers?
  37. New Game Problem
  38. maintnance PDCs
  39. I can't seem to be able to set PD modes
  40. fighters and jump ships
  41. jump gate construction
  42. Two questions
  43. civilian garrisons
  44. Cannot find Aliens
  45. PDCs - Magazines - Planetary Missile Stockpiles.
  46. Some odd and ends questions
  47. Custom System Start
  48. Sorium Harvester
  49. Not loading.
  50. Unable to load underground infra