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  1. Small Cratt ECM
  2. Civilian Company Technology?
  3. constructing ship components.
  4. Spacemaster Race needed?
  5. Red Box at the Jump point I entered through? Existing Jump Gate?
  6. Question about geology teams.
  7. Rename a Faction?
  8. Military Vs Commercial Jump Drives
  9. Deployment/Morale Reporting
  10. Newbie Question - First Jump Point plans
  11. I can't make sense of the range in individual unit details.
  12. Help with buoys/missiles
  13. Geological Survey Team
  14. Newbie question - Transporting troops
  15. Fleet Headquarters staff
  16. Order of the bodies listed - Minerals sidebar on the system map?
  17. Fuel Consumption depending on ship speed?
  18. TCS help
  19. Multiple NPR's Generated in the Same System
  20. System Map Sensor Controls - What does THAT knob do?
  21. Can someone brief me on POWS?
  22. Windows too big.
  23. Newbie Question - Skill Increases
  24. Fuel Harvester
  25. Newbie Question - Time advances and Research Accrual
  26. All that different kind of "laser" weapons... why?
  27. damage component, command modules and etc
  28. How can I tap into Civilian Fuel Production?
  29. Firing Researchers - Worthwhile? (Is there any value to ever firing anyone?)
  30. Bug Pre-Reporting
  31. Newbie Question on what causes interrupts
  32. Game Details Window Vs. Create New Game Window
  33. Galaxy Map lining
  34. Boarding & diplomacy
  35. Geologic Survey Teams - what's the best way?
  36. Ruins when to send in the troops
  37. Frequent refueling?
  38. Couple of mechanics questions
  39. Is it possible to player designate which events generate interupts?
  40. How to find your first aliens?
  41. Sectors
  42. Survey Team - What am I doing wrong
  43. Refueling Ships
  44. Questions about jump shock.
  45. Sensors, what each does?
  46. Fuel Harvester?
  47. Newb question Survey Fleet
  48. Commercial Jump ship
  49. Help with new colonies
  50. Multi-Fraction Start on Earth: How to Setup?