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  1. Game Details Window Vs. Create New Game Window
  2. Galaxy Map lining
  3. Boarding & diplomacy
  4. Geologic Survey Teams - what's the best way?
  5. Ruins when to send in the troops
  6. Frequent refueling?
  7. Couple of mechanics questions
  8. Is it possible to player designate which events generate interupts?
  9. How to find your first aliens?
  10. Sectors
  11. Survey Team - What am I doing wrong
  12. Refueling Ships
  13. Questions about jump shock.
  14. Sensors, what each does?
  15. Fuel Harvester?
  16. Newb question Survey Fleet
  17. Commercial Jump ship
  18. Help with new colonies
  19. Multi-Fraction Start on Earth: How to Setup?
  20. Mined out colonies
  21. Destroying Civilian Ships
  22. Distant binary stars without LPs
  23. Spacemaster Questions
  24. Turn resolving
  25. Other species and production
  26. How to switch colony in the Population&production screen
  27. Ground Units and PDCs
  28. Adding disasters
  29. A few questions from me (new player)
  30. Officer Auto-Assignment
  31. Newbie Question #5 "Missiles and how to load/launch/use them"
  32. PDC issues
  33. Cant get my missile to fire, when enemy is in fire controll range
  34. highlight unassigned colonies to an administrator
  35. Missile construction cost
  36. System Display Centre on Sol
  37. Newbie Question #3 "Population/Workers/Jobs"
  38. Question about name files.
  39. Newbie Question #4 "Exploring another star system"
  40. Races?!
  41. Hiding
  42. Replacing Obsolete Fighters
  43. box launchers. how do they work and how to reload
  44. Hangar bays
  45. Do private companies set up civ mines outside home systems?
  46. Automate cargo fleets like the civilan sector?
  47. Calculating engine speed
  48. Newbie Question #2 "Various Fuel related questions"
  49. trade goods
  50. New Player Playthrough