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  1. Destroying Civilian Ships
  2. Distant binary stars without LPs
  3. Spacemaster Questions
  4. Turn resolving
  5. Other species and production
  6. How to switch colony in the Population&production screen
  7. Ground Units and PDCs
  8. Adding disasters
  9. A few questions from me (new player)
  10. Officer Auto-Assignment
  11. Newbie Question #5 "Missiles and how to load/launch/use them"
  12. PDC issues
  13. Cant get my missile to fire, when enemy is in fire controll range
  14. highlight unassigned colonies to an administrator
  15. Missile construction cost
  16. System Display Centre on Sol
  17. Newbie Question #3 "Population/Workers/Jobs"
  18. Question about name files.
  19. Newbie Question #4 "Exploring another star system"
  20. Races?!
  21. Hiding
  22. Replacing Obsolete Fighters
  23. box launchers. how do they work and how to reload
  24. Hangar bays
  25. Do private companies set up civ mines outside home systems?
  26. Automate cargo fleets like the civilan sector?
  27. Calculating engine speed
  28. Newbie Question #2 "Various Fuel related questions"
  29. trade goods
  30. New Player Playthrough
  31. Ground Combat
  32. Lack of Information and Numbers way to small
  33. Newbie question #1 "Maintenence Supplies" (blame it on Quill18)
  34. Commercial Shipping
  35. bottom of ship design screen cut off
  36. Cannot generate new game
  37. NPR Ship Classes
  38. Ship mounted boxlaunchers not reloading
  39. Organising the Galactic Map
  40. some issues but are they bugs?
  41. Types of System Bodies and purpose?
  42. undelete taskgroup?
  43. How to solve life support Failure?
  44. PDC targeting planets?
  45. Ways to Pan around the map?
  46. Ground attack fighters
  47. Play as an Alien
  48. Questions from a new Player
  49. Antimissiles hit, but fail to kill?
  50. Conditional Orders Question