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  1. How is the "Starting Race" option supposed to work?
  2. How does order delay work?
  3. Training crews up to 100%
  4. Terraforming stopped
  5. Trade goods
  6. It's quiet out there...
  7. Do Fighters/FAC load missiles from PDC or the Colony?
  8. Getting Troops out of the drop modul
  9. Deleting a species or NPR
  10. Scanning
  11. Refitting Civilian Ships
  12. Hiding only civ fleets on system map
  13. Wrecks
  14. Research Strategies?
  15. Experimenting with higher techs
  16. Occupation Forces and other questions
  17. LP Creation?
  18. How do I use prebuilt/salvaged components?
  19. Task Force, move to population
  20. Troubles with fleet organisation
  21. Question about diplomacy
  22. What just happened?
  23. Starting with habitat-based civilizations
  24. Drones as rockets
  25. Fighters and carriers.
  26. Very new here, how do i design a ship?
  27. What do the different Government Types do?
  28. Question regarding Asteroid Mining Modules
  29. Two Questions
  30. More PDC related questions
  31. Annoying chase scene
  32. Geological team skill points
  33. Adding Jump Points to a System?
  34. Having lots of problems with fuel harvest
  35. Missile design question
  36. LP what now?
  37. How do I build a PDC?
  38. Economy
  39. Help with designing a missile warship?
  40. Research
  41. Four months of one-day turns
  42. Getting back in the Saddle with questions
  43. More dumb questions
  44. Improving the civilian shipping lines
  45. Extra-Galatic Invaders messing with time increments
  46. I don't understand what Task Force Training does
  47. Would you like to buy a crappy PDC? (How do I junk a PDC?)
  48. Adding Leaders
  49. How do you load missiles into a ship?
  50. Ships and insufficient maint supplies.