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  1. prefabbing small PDC question
  2. RE: Ground Assaults, how many Grounds Units to use?
  3. RE: Format of AARs?
  4. RE: Hyperdrives!?
  5. VB6 ruins
  6. Fleet design questions
  7. Annoying NPR's
  8. AAarrrrgghhhh......
  9. CIWS and PD Target Prioritization
  10. RE: Fuel Use at half throttle.
  11. Disassembling shields
  12. A bunch of questions
  13. RE: Reloading Box Launchers with a Maintenance Module.
  14. MOVED: Report to the council of Regents, August 2039
  15. Unable to locate target :/
  16. terraforming bonus calculation question
  17. RE: Boarding Mechanics
  18. Fighters and commanders
  19. Struggling with Task Force usage
  20. Ship icon for aliens (Galactic map)
  21. Upgrade to engineering spaces??
  22. Redo Ruins question
  23. Missile Detection interrupt
  24. Geological Sensors on Immobile Station.
  25. Cant assign basic R1 officers to fighters
  26. Agressive Negotiations
  27. Changing classes that have been built
  28. How to "Un-assign and Pick up individual officer"
  29. Dumb newbie mistakes to avoid
  30. Can I use old Armor?
  31. Time increments suddenly 2 hours only.
  32. Landing on moving carriers
  33. Cargo Handling on a Carrier, does it help recover fighters?
  34. Music files
  35. Small Missiles in too big of Launchers.
  36. RE: Detection Tab at the First Menu
  37. Error 6 overflow
  38. System Fleets and Making New Ones
  39. Baces that do Not move/ Oribital Baces?
  40. Questions about naval organisation
  41. Ramming Damage
  42. Jump tenders with multiple jump drives
  43. Compressed Fuel Storage
  44. Do Transponders work, and how much?
  45. Scientists
  46. Retooling Cost
  47. Carrier Operations Tutorial
  48. Random Lettering
  49. Less than max capacity cargo hauling?
  50. Sensor clarification?